Il mistero dei tre continenti streaming

Il mistero dei tre continenti streaming hd

Mistress of the World
  • ITA
  • HD
    • 1960
    • |
    • 113 min
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    • Avventura / Crime / Fantascienza
  • 5.0\10 168 voti
Il mistero dei tre continenti streaming altadefinizione Karin is now continuing her father's research and is also caught in the cross hairs of the mysterious opponents. Johanson himself retreats to a Cambodian monastery in order to escape the gangsters' shots and recover. Meanwhile, the international criminals manage to steal Johanson's energy formula. Karin then goes after the thieves, supported by Lundstrom. But he also has his own goals. The hunt takes them around the world. It soon turns out that a certain Madame Latour is behind the sinister machinations. Eventually old Johanson falls into her hands. In Southeast Asia, a showdown ensues between the kidnappers and Lundstrom and Karin.